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Race Reviews 2013

Check out this detailed race report:

Race Report:


I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know what a great time I had at the 50k this weekend. I was impressed by everything from start to finish – the course was gorgeous and challenging, the volunteers were amazing, and the organization was top-notch. It was obvious to me that you and the others who put on this race know what you’re doing, even down to the well stocked aid stations.

I’ll definitely be spreading the word and hope to be back next year. Thanks again for putting on such a great event!


Had a great time at this event – it was exciting to be a part of the first running of such a beautiful course. I found the organization to be top notch – it could have been hit or miss given that it was the first one, but it was fantastic, no hiccups (that I could see!). The course was well marked, the aid stations were great, and the volunteers and staff were super supportive. I love the shirt and medal (and clock) too! I hope to run this again next year, though the weather this year will be hard to beat.

Thanks again!



I’m glad you acted on your dream to plan the Single Track Maniac 50K Trail Run.  Your leadership made the race perfect for all the participants.  I knew it would be great and you exceeded my expectations.

From the great website design and graphics, to the communication updates and offer for the “pre-race”, through the flawless execution yesterday, it was perfect.   Your energy is unstoppable and, as always, your ability to select the right support staff made every runner feel good about being there.   Every person I saw gave encouragement and wanted to be there to help make the event a success.
I look forward to next years race.  I know it will be bigger and better than this year’s.
 You’ve outdone yourself.

Thanks for a great race! Even though I had to drop out, I enjoyed the race. It was well put together and the volunteers really encouraged me to make it as far as I did. Not sure if I’ll try again (unless there is a 25/30k option!) but will def recommend it to friends. Only suggestion would be a few more directional signs on the loops, or a few mile markers. I got lost a few times (but that may have been dehydration!) again, thanks for a fun day!



Awesome race. You did all the right things. The volunteers were great as well as the aid stations. I look forward to next year. You should be commended for a job well done


Thank you so much for putting on such a great event. I really did have a wonderful time and was doing very well up until I broke my toe, yes it is broken and all that can really be done is tape them together and man does it hurt!

All of the volunteers I saw and a lot of the runners also were wishing me a happy birthday along the way and that made me feel very special!

I was so very disappointed that I could not finish. I really did want to be able to go on but I just hurt to bad. I tripped and broke it at about mile 17 and pushed on to 21 before I had to pack it in. This was the first race that I have ever had a DNF.

I look forward to trying it again next year and being a little more cautious about the roots!



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