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Course Description

Singletrack Maniac 50k Race Course Narrative

The race starts in the parking lot of Hornsby Middle School.  The school gym will serve as our staging area for the morning.   Indoor bathrooms will be available (the school locker rooms).  The start is 7am.  All runners need to personally check-in with me on race morning.

bridge at freedom parkYou will leave from the parking lot at  7am and take a left onto Jolly Pond road.  You will run down Jolly Pond to the trailhead.  Total road running here is less than a mile.

You will enter the “trail” from Jolly Pond road and enter Freedom Park (asphalt) This is the area where you will get your drop bag later. The trail is about wide enough for a 4-wheeler. You’ve got a long down then a switchback incline onto the #3 Multi-use trail (finally actual trail), then take a right on the #2 Multi-use for more up and down.  These multi-use sections equal about a mile and a half and arrows with the race logo will guide you.

From here you will take a right onto the A Trail.  You will be travelling backwards on this single track trail (don’t run backwards)  The entrance is about the about the 2 mile mark.

The trail is narrow, rooty and winding with very few flat sections.  Caution tape will be your guide so pay attention.  Nice bridges and creeks, deer, birds and other wildlife are abundant.  The trail travels about 4.5 miles and exits onto Multi-use trail #1 where there is aid station (#1) about mile 6.5.  This is also an opportunity to use a very nice bathroom at the Freedom Park interpretive center (slightly off the path, but not far).  You will repeat the A loop a second time.

Then go onto the road…here you will be on the road for 2 miles, running and out and back section to the park entrance (another great opportunity to cheer on others).  You will enter back on Multi-use #1 (another bathroom and aid station #1 opportunity).  So, it’s multi-use #1 to #2 to #3 back out the way you came.

For the rest of the course we will be on trails D and E. Aid station #2 is at the entrance of D (which is also the exit of E) at about the 13 mile mark.  D is 5 miles long.  Caution tape guide again and a few arrows at tricky sections.  This trail is technical, the most challenging of all.  Luckily, when you get through the 5 miles, your drop bag will be waiting for you and aid station #3.  This will be 18 miles and you must reach this station by 12:30pm or you will have to leave the course. Now I do not know about you, but 18 miles is when things get temporarily tough for me.  I know if I can make it through a few more miles I will be in the clear.  You might want to have your loved ones here (easy access for them) to cheer you through and onto the E trail.

trail at freedom parkThe E trail was built to be an “easier” trail, but I am not sure I am in total agreement.  It starts off going up, but there are some nice gradual descending sections you can let gravity pull you down and save energy.  After about 3.5 miles, it will spit you back out at the start of the D trail again.  So to summarize, D and E make one big 8.5 mile loop with the multi-use trail dissecting them.  It would be very easy for your family and friends to see you at mile 18 and then walk 400m and see you at mile 21.5.

Ok, back to the #2 aid station at 21.5 miles and BACK on D.  You know this trail now, just follow the caution tape.  At the end of D you will be just past the marathon mark (aid station #3 again).  Not far now, all you have to do is complete E again and run back to the school.

When you finish E you will only have a mile to go.  Sorry, it is a bit uphill until you get back to Jolly Pond Road.  You will run down the road, enter the school grounds and finish the way you started on the side of the school.  You did it!

The timing will be through Ultrasignup- no chips.  There will be a selection of fine food and drinks at the finish (sorry, no alcohol on school grounds). I will also post the specific aid station food soon.  We will definitely have a nice selection of snack foods (pretzels, soda, fig newtons, gummy bears, etc) and PBJs especially at stations 2 and 3.  We will have Tailwind at all AS.  After the race use the showers, hang out and listen to music with us!

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